April 1821, 2021
Murmansk (Russia), Kirkenes (Norway), Tromsø (Norway)

Forum "Russia and Norway at the crossroads of epochs and cultures"

The forum Russia and Norway atthe crossroads ofepoches and cultures isdedicated tothe study ofthe interpenetration ofcultures ofthe two countries inhistory and inthe present and tosuccessful joint Russian-Norwegian projects incultural cooperation.

This project isorganized inthe year ofthe 200th anniversary ofF.M. Dostoevsky, whose work had ahuge impact onworld culture and onNorwegian literature inparticular. The anniversary ofthe Russian writer isagreat occasion for strengthening cultural ties between the two countries. The Forum has amulti-element program ofintertwined events, including aninternational scientific and practical conference, open lectures, film screenings, meetings, exhibitions and aguided tour.

The key event ofthe project isaninternational scientific-practical conference Dialogue ofTwo Cultures: Past and Present ofthe Russian-Norwegian cultural cooperation.

Among the significant events ofthe Forum are the international competition ofscientific research works ofstudents and postgraduate students Russia and Norway: the interpenetration ofcultures and Arctic Lyrics competition ofliterary translations, platforms for discussion Contemporary literature ofthe Arctic region: problems and issues ofcooperation, Specific Northern features inliterary translation workshop, screenings offilms byRussian and Norwegian filmmakers, aconcert ofmusicians ofthe Philharmonic Orchestra, presenting the classic music pieces from the two countries.

Asaresult ofthe forum, two collections ofscientific articles and literary pieces will bepublished.

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