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Once you have been accepted to study at the Murmansk Arctic State University, you need to get prepared for coming to the Murmansk region. See the sections below for more information. You can read it one by one, but we recommend you to read everything in advance to avoid any misunderstanding. Do not be too overwhelmed with legal procedures, we will help you with going through all the stages. Refer to Contacts in case you have any questions.

  • For information on traveling to Murmansk, see this page, section “Travel”
  • For information on directions within the city (incl. map), see this page, section “How to find us”

Note! Student visa to Russia is NOT required for citizens of Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan.

To obtain a single-entry study visa, you must receive an invitation from MASU. International Cooperation Office starts issuing an invitation after the student is enrolled at the university and the tuition fee is paid (for self-finance studies). The invitation is valid for 90 days. You can start issuing an invitation minimum 45 days before the planned arrival.

Required documents:

  • A copy of passport main page and its notarized translation into Russian. Remember that the validity of passport must be at least 18 months from the date of visa issue;
  • Admission to MASU or tuition fee contract (for self-finance studies)

Required information:

  • Date of intended entry into Russia;
  • City and country of permanent residence;
  • City and country of obtaining a visa;
  • Place of work, position and job address (if any)

These documents and information are sent to MASU International Cooperation Office at:

Issuing visa may take up to 30 days. As soon as the invitation is ready, it is sent to a student for further visa processing in their country.

At first, a single-entry study visa is issued, which allows to enter Russia for up to 90 days. To obtain a visa, a student must apply to the nearest Russian Embassy, a Consulate, or a visa –center with MASU visa invitation. Consult with the above mentioned authorities for the precise list of required documents.

After arrival to Russia, you will need to get registered at the Migration police (see below).

In order to get prepared for coming to Russia, please, carefully read MASU Pre-arrival guide, as well as (at least partially) the Post-arrival guide (see below).

At each entry to Russia, you must fill out a migration card, indicating in the "purpose of entry" as "study", and have it with you during the entire period of your stay here.

When coming to Russia, carefully read the practical information in MASU Post-arrival guide so that you feel more secure and confident.

Once you have come, MASU staff and students will get you acquainted with local environment to get you adapted.

Migration police registration of foreign students is done when you come to MASU for the 1st time, and each time you leave your place of residence here for more than 7 days, or when your visa expires.

You are registered strictly at the place of your actual residence! If you live in a MASU dorm, migration registration is carried out by the university. If you live in a private apartment (alone, with friends or relatives) - the owner of this apartment is obliged to get you registered at the address of the apartment.

Upon arrival to Murmansk or the next weekday, you must personally submit documents for migration registration to the International Cooperation Office.

For initial (1st entry) migration registration for up to 90 days, the following documents are needed:

  • a copy of all filled pages of the passport
  • copy of migration card

20 working days before the end of the registration period, a you must submit documents to International Cooperation Office again to extend the registration period

Every time you leave Murmansk for more than 7 days (for vacations, trip etc.), your previous registration becomes invalid - you need to re-submit documents for migration registration again.

A medical insurance policy is a mandatory medical document for foreign students to stay in Russia. We recommend that you apply for it immediately upon arrival in Murmansk.

The holder of insurance can receive:

  • emergency care in the polyclinics;
  • emergency medical care;
  • care in the hospital;
  • ther services provided for in the insurance agreement.

To apply for an insurance, you need the following documents:

  • passport and notarized translation of the passport;
  • migration card;
  • care in the hospital;
  • migration registration certificate

You can get Voluntary Medical Insurance Policy in the offices of the following insurance companies:

  1. 'Kapital Life'
  2. Address: Lenina str., 85 (working schedule: Monday until Friday, 09:00–18:00), contact telephone number 8 (800) 200-68-86

    One-year basic programme is 3200 ruble.

  3. ‘Alpha Strakhovanie’
  4. Address: Kolsky av., 13/3 (working schedule: Monday until Thursday, 09:00–17:30, Friday 09:00–16:30), contact telephone number 8 (8152) 55-01-14

  5. 'Sogaz’
  6. Address: Polyarnye Zori str., 47 (working schedule: Monday until Thursday, 09:00–17:15, Friday 09:00–17:00), contact telephone number 8 (8152) 69-19-00

    One-year basic programme is 2140 rubles.

  7. 'Gelios'
  8. Address: Tarana str., 25, office 303 (working schedule: Monday until Friday, 09:00–18:00), contact telephone number 8 (8152) 216-201

The cost of insurance for 1 year (maximum period) varies from 3000 to 9000 roubles depending on the services included.

Address to International Cooperation Office for help in issuing an insurance.

These procedures are also mandatory for your legal stay in Russia. See the Instructions and the Directions for more details.

The entry visa is issued for 90 days (single entry) and then is extended for up to a year (multivisa).

To extend the visa, you must pay a state fee of 1600 rubles. This can be done by contacting International Cooperation Office.

At least 20 working days before the visa expires, you have to submit the following documents to International Cooperation Office:

  • Passport (original and copies of filled pages);
  • Migration registration (original and copy);
  • Migration card (original and copy);
  • 1 colored photo 3x4;
  • Receipt of state fee paid;
  • Admission letter or tuition fee agreement;

While the visa is being processed, please prepare the documents for the extension of your migration registration if you live in a MASU dorm (see above). Submit the documents to International Cooperation Office immediately after receiving a new visa.

During the visa extension and migration registration, your passport will be kept by the university staff. Please make necessary copies in advance.

Staff of International Cooperation Office will contact you as soon as the new visa is issued.

With a Russian study visa, you can work in Russia without any supplementary permissions during your hours not occupied with studies. For this, you will need at least 3 document: INN, SNILS, and Certificate of no criminal records. See this instruction on Documents for work for more details.

  • Tuition fee (if any) – as is indicated in the agreement
  • Accommodation fee – up to 20000 roubles (if MASU dorm); as is indicated in the agreement (if private flat)
  • Personal expanses – up to you (at least 120000 roubles)
  • Travel – as you find
  • Entry visa – free (for full programs); 800 roubles (for Russian language courses)
  • Visa extension – 1600 roubles
  • Police migration registration – free
  • Medical insurance – 3000-9000 roubles
  • Medical examination, fingerprinting, and photographing – around 10000 roubles
  • Working documents (optional) – free

Updated 26.01.2023