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Pedagogy Department

Department of Pedagogy

Department of Pedagogy aims to develop the professional consciousness of future teachers and to equip them with proper skills. Therefore the department works on both, fundamental and contemporary educational issues, and has a vast experience in dealing with problems of pre- , primary- , and secondary- school teaching. Moreover, the department attempts o approach these problems from both, the teacher’s and the school management's perspectives thus facilitating a holistic approach to school issues.

Department research interests:

  • Psychological and pedagogical aspects of personal development
  • Inclusive education
  • Pedagogical paradigm in Russia and Scandinavia
  • Theory and methodology of teaching
  • Management in system of education
  • Government regulation of education

Address: Murmansk, Kapitana Egorova str., 16

E-mail: (contacting coordinators recommended)

Черник Валерий Эдуардович

Head of department

Valery Chernik

Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate professor