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Department of Physics, Biology and Engineering Technologies

Department of Physics, Biology and Engineering Technologies

The department of Physics, Biology and Engineering Technologies trains professionals for the cornerstone industries of the region. Moreover, the department has been engaged in a long-time cooperation with the German youth organisation, KiEZ, that helps students to participate in annual exchange programmes and summer internship at the lead factories and enterprises of the two countries. The department is also equipped with 13 laboratories where students can complete practical assignments, work on their graduate projects and papers.

Department research interests:

  • Extraction of bioactive substances from Arctic medical plants
  • Ore and slag biobleaching
  • Energy-efficient residential construction
  • Alternative energy in the Arctic
  • Environmental biophysical impact on humans in the Arctic
  • Rational use and revitalization of natural resources in the Arctic

Address: Murmansk region, Apatity, Energeticheskaya str., 19

E-mail: (contacting coordinators recommended)

Head of department

Viktor Nikolaev

Candidate (Ph.D.) of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate professor